1 Nov 2010

Chocolate Cinnamon Smoothie

Oh. My. Gawd. You HAVE to try this! Completely stolen from inspired by HEAB, I wasn't sure what I fancied for breakfast this morning but after reading her blog post I just had to try this!
  • 1 scoop chocolate whey powder
  • 2 tsps cacao powder
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp Xanthan gum (ideally 1/2 tsp Guar gum but I can't get hold of any here :( Both make the smoothie really thick and creamy but using the Xanthan gum alone still gives a good thick and creamy result!
  • 200ml hazelnut & almond rice milk
  • handful of ice cubes

Blend everything except the ice until smooth, then add the ice for a final blitz, and serve! I topped mine with a blob of greek yogurt and some Maple Spice Pecans.

Including toppings it comes in at 438 calories, 61g Carbs, 11g Fat, 26g Protein for quite a large portion!

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