9 Dec 2010


Apologies to any cat-haters out there!

Since I'm feeling really un-well and struggling to get my brain to work I'll leave with some pictures of our cat Jeff! (hope this is satisfactory Janet! :D )

Excuse the ugly old sofa from our last flat!

When Jeff went to the vets to get his bits snipped there was a bit of a problem leading to a bigger operation and weeks of wearing the giant cone. :(


Air guitar!

And a couple of videos - sorry I can't help myself after looking through all the old photos!

This is Jeff discovering the washing machine:

Eating and growling at a prawn - you need sound for this one!

And playing in the kitchen sink:

And I'm going to leave it there because I'm sure by know you all think I'm some crazy cat lady!

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Anyone got anything exciting planned? I'm hoping to get out Christmas tree this weekend!


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