7 Dec 2010

Last Christmas

This week I'm going to make a start on planning what to eat and drink over the festive period - and my Birthday, more importantly! I've already bought a few Christmas magazines and I'm going to be giving in and buying all the foodie magazines too, I just adore looking through all the amazing looking Christmas recipes and picking out a few new things to try each year.
So far, I'm thinking of doing a version of Beef Wellington I found in the Sainsbury's magazine, using duck and butternut squash instead of beef and mushrooms, we'll have this on Christmas Eve, or maybe on the 23rd - I like to spread out the indulgence for as long as I can! If we have this on the 23rd then Christmas Eve will probably be a cheese board with meats, chutney, pate and some home made pastry-based nibbles with a couple of Christmas cocktails. 
For Christmas Day, we'll probably start with a champagne breakfast, pancakes, bacon and maple syrup or crispy bacon in warm croissants. We don't usually have lunch, just something to snack on. Dinner I think will be a gammon joint with all the usual trimmings, duck fat roast potatoes, roast veg (probably involving honey), little sausages wrapped in bacon (proper meaty sausages), sprouts with pancetta, gravy and sauce. I do love having turkey at Christmas time but it's just the two of us so a whole bird is a bit overkill! And it's just not the same getting turkey in any other form than a whole bird. I'm also considering a small beef joint too - it would be a lot of food but we like having a platter of cheeses and nibbly things to bring out for a few days after Christmas.
For my Birthday it will be afternoon tea, something light (and cheap) for dinner then a night in a posh hotel
On New Years Eve we'll be back to the cheeses, meats and pastries. And New Years Day, it has to be steak pie! I've never made one before - last year we just had a beef joint in pastry with roast vegetables and potatoes, but I really fancy making a traditional steak pie.

To drink there will be some Champagne, Prosecco, Bellini's, Peppermint Martini's, Baileys, Jim Beam and mulled wine - I'll be trying red and white! That makes us sound a bit alcoholic but my hangovers these days are so bad I really don't drink much as it's just not worth losing a whole day for the sake of a few drinks.

I'll also be making champagne jellies and either a chocolate roulade or a cheesecake, I'm not a big fan of Christmas cake but I would love to make one someday. My boyfriend will definitely be making cinnamon swirls and I might see if I can persuade him to make some chocolate truffles again.

Here is last Christmas in food pictures:

table setting for our duck with cherry sauce - thankfully we decided to have this on the 23rd and not Christmas Eve when our electricity went out at around 2pm and didn't come back on until after 11pm! We ended up baking cake and preparing food for Christmas Day long past midnight on Christmas Eve!

Duck breast with mange tout and sweet potato chip with some rose Prosecco

Followed by champagne jellies

This was supposed to be dinner on Christmas Eve but instead we spread out Christmas dinner and had this late afternoon.

Home made sausage rolls and Christmas shape pastry puffs with parma ham and padano cheese with a sage leaf on top, smoked salmon wrapped lemon and pepper cream cheese with rocket, goose pate and some left over duck.
This was followed by soup, I can't quite remember what soup but the main ingredient was chestnut puree.

The main event! Pork, duck fat roast potatoes, sausages in bacon, roast carrots and parsnips and sprouts. with gravy (this was our first ever proper gravy not from a packet!) and cumberland sauce.

Chocolate roulade to finish - made at midnight the night before so not a bad attempt really! This lasted us almost 2 weeks it was so huge and rich!

Boxing Day dinner - the platter came out again with added cheeses, more sausages in bacon, home made gruyere cheese pastry sticks, left over roasties and mini popadoms and chutney

With Peppermint Martini's and chocolate roulade for desert.

New Years Day beef in pastry

I can't wait to do it all over again!

What will you be cooking.eating this Christmas?

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