1 Dec 2010

Samantha's Kitschen

Welcome to my new blog!

Previously I have been more of a healthy living blogger, but I started to run out of enthusiasm and slowly came to realise that what I am truly passionate about is food - cooking food, buying food, reading about food, talking about food, and of course, eating food!
I no longer want to worry about or focus on my weight - I'm fit and I'm healthy a few pounds really are not important. That's not to say I'm going to go all out and eat what I want, when I want, all the time, I will be attempting to show some restraint and make sure I eat a beautiful and balanced diet.
No foods are off-limits, I have no dietary requirements or intolerances - but I do have a preference for foods which are natural and meals that are home-made, where possible.
I am also on a budget, for now, which means more home-cooking, less meals out.

I'm not all about food, my header says "My food, my life, my style" and that's what this blog is going to be about - my two passions (not including friends and family, as if I even have to say that!) are food and fashion and I will try to incorporate a bit of both. I hope you will enjoy it!

Here is my kitchen - this is where all the magic will be happing! It's a bit on the small side for me - I like my kitchen gadgets and would love to have lots of workspace, and somewhere to put a dishwasher!

And since I'm doing introductions, this is me

I have copied over my recipes from the old blog and linked to them all in the Recipes tab up top, I will add more to this as I go along so don't forget to check back!

Oh and remember you will need to deleted the old subscription and re-subscribe or follow with the button to the left or you wont get any new posts. 


  1. I'm liking the look of the new blog and am eagerly awaiting your delicious recipes - I too am a lover of real food :)


  2. Thank you DonnyFan! Great to "see" you here :)

  3. Look forward to reading more. so is your name stella or samantha!? x x

  4. Thanks! I should probably have explained that! It's Samantha (or Sam) I originally picked Stella as a username when I didn't know what I was doing and wanted to keep my blog private and it just stuck!

  5. *delurks for a rare comment* ;) Just found your new blog and it's looking good. Glad you've founhd a balance. Keep throwing in a few pics of the lovely Jeff and I'll be happy!
    Janet x


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