25 Jan 2011


I must apologise for the lack of posts lately - turns out living alone makes me a lazy cook! I've been eating my main meals in work as the canteen there is great, and I've been having lunches in the evenings, which haven't been worth sharing. I thought it would also help save money but actually I'm spending more and struggling to resist the Starbucks and cakes also available in work.
So, when I was contacted about the Activia TLC plan I thought it might give me some good meal ideas and get me out of my lazy habits.

You can find out all about the plan here. It's a 14 day plan and before you start you are asked some basic lifestyle questions, is your day spent mostly working, looking after kids, do you eat meat, do you exercise, do you cook etc. Each day you log in there's a 'how do you feel?' and then you are offered fitness and lifestyle tips to suit your mood. The plan gives 3 meal suggestions, 2 snacks and some fitness and lifestyle suggestions each day and allows you to choose whether you want to keep each option or swap for something else. You can also choose to start the plan between 1 and 7 days from when you sign up allowing plenty of time to plan food shopping. I have chosen to start 2 days from now.

For Day 1 my suggestions are:
Banana and raspberry 'thickie' with 2 slices of toast and jam. The thickie is a smoothie made with raspberries, banana, apple juice and Activia pouring yogurt - I haven't tried the pouring yogurt but picked up a carton today with my Activia vouchers, I often have granola for breakfast with yogurt thinned down with a little milk so I'm looking forward to trying this. To be honest I'd probably skip the toast or have it later as a snack if I need it.
Cream cheese and cucumber bagel with a bowl of soup, an apple and 8 unsalted almonds - I'll save the apple and almonds for a snack in the afternoon
Beef noodle stir fry
Healthy Flapjack - this sounds great for a snack, recipe is pretty simple, I'll post when I make them
Activia Snackpot with walnuts and blueberries

That all sounds great and is just the sort of food I like to eat - it does seem like quite a lot, but I have my weight loss head on and this plan is about "feeling better from the inside out".

Because I said I was feeling stressed today I've also been told to have a giggle as a stress reliever! There's also a Piltes video for some exercise and a nutrition tip for the day:

You'll find it much easier to enjoy eating a healthy, balanced diet if you start thinking positively about it. So stop thinking about the foods you should eat fewer of, like crisps and biscuits, and instead focus on those you can eat plenty of such as fruit and veg, and more low-fat dairy products (like yogurt) and wholegrains. Then start using words to describe them that make them sound delicious, for example, a juicy apple, sweet strawberries or a satisfying slice of wholegrain bread.

I think the plan seems good after just a quick look, sensible advice, good food suggestions and a little exercise is encouraged each day (this may differ depending on the options selected at the beginning, I selected that I like to avoid exercise because I really haven't been in the mood for it lately). I don't think I'll stick to the plan religiously as there's so much variety I think it would be quite costly and I'd have a lot of waste so I will repeat and alter some of the suggestions - though having a lot of variety is certainly no bad thing!

I was fortunate enough to receive some Activia vouchers and have purchased the following:

tensely Creamy yogurts in Mango and Raspberry, Vanilla Pouring Yogurt and a large tub of Natural yogurt. I also bought some of the regular Activia Raspberry yogurts. I haven't eaten fruit flavoured yogurts for a long time, I usually prefer plain yogurt with fresh or dried fruits added, but there's are really tasty, I probably wont bother with the regular fruit yogurts again now that I've got the natural yogurt, but I will get some more of the Intensely Creamy, they make a nice wee treat!

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  1. interesting that's more products than I've seen at the store ... I've just seen the yogurt ... but I'm not the family shopper


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