About Me

Previously I have been more of a healthy living blogger, but I started to run out of enthusiasm and slowly came to realise that what I am truly passionate about is food - cooking food, buying food, reading about food, talking about food, and of course, eating food!
I no longer want to worry about or focus on my weight - I'm fit and I'm healthy a few pounds really are not important. That's not to say I'm going to go all out and eat what I want, when I want, all the time, I will be attempting to show some restraint and make sure I eat a beautiful and balanced diet.
No foods are off-limits, I have no dietary requirements or intolerances - but I do have a preference for foods which are natural and meals that are home-made, where possible.
I am also on a budget, for now, which means more home-cooking, less meals out.

I'm not all about food, my header says "My food, my life, my style" and that's what this blog is going to be about - my two passions (not including friends and family, as if I even have to say that!) are food and fashion and I will try to incorporate a bit of both. I hope you will enjoy it!

Here is my kitchen - this is where all the magic will be happing! It's a bit on the small side for me - I like my kitchen gadgets and would love to have lots of workspace, and somewhere to put a dishwasher!

And since I'm doing introductions, this is me

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